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Mark Hannum Leadership Expert

Mark Hannum is the current principal of Hannum, LLC – a network of researchers focused on the understanding of leadership challenges and how leaders increase their effectiveness. Mark is a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant trusted by well-known brands to deliver presentations and trainings that inspire teams and individuals to lead better and deliver value to their company, their customers and their employees.
His book, Become, The Path to Purposeful Leadership debuted on the Amazon Bestseller List and no less than the American Icon, Alan Mulally, said it “may be the most valuable leadership books he has read.” Mark’s message spans all industries and all levels of leadership. To learn more about Mark, email him hannum.mark@gmail.comor go to

Kim Fontaine Therapy Dog Trainer

Trauma, resilience, healing and connection through human and animal interaction. Kim Fontaine calls this process a bridge and she is a social engineer, constructing that bridge in the places where it is needed the most. Learn more about her work and mission at & connect on FaceBook & Instagram

Anthony Winn, Environmental Scientist & Homesteader

I have a great discussion with Anthony Winn, an environmental scientist, homesteader and thought leader in the new view of planet stewardship. To learn more about Winn and his wife Kaitlin, visit and connect with them here: YouTube Channel Winn Family Garden   FaceBook @winnfamilygarden   Instagram @winnfamilygarden

If you like the show and have comments or you know of someone I should interview, please connect with me Episode music: Seeds Don’t Ask for Permission by Luis Berra, Bubbles and Streams by Bobby Cole, and Enjoy the Natural Beauty by Michael A. Zampi.

Artist Valerie White

Join me in a great conversation with NY artist Valerie White. Drawn to art as a young child, she found her passion take root in, of all places, the dark catacombs and back alleys of Paris. She reminds us to look at the world with young eyes and take risks by sharing with others what you see. You can find all of her artwork and get in touch here paintingsbyvalerie.


If you know of someone that would be a great guest on this series, please reach out to me at or go to my website to see what I creating

The Inventing Shed, Stan Shields

Life long friend and mentor Stan Shields gives us his take on “creation” and why he is driven to constantly “build stuff.”

If you know of someone that would be a great guest on this series, please reach out to me at or go to my website to see what I am creating!

Outdoorsman George LaBonte

I connect with my old friend George LaBonte to discuss his passion for fishing and the outdoors, how he relates to the natural world and why it’s so important for us to experience it. Often told that finding a career working in the sport fishing industry was a foolish idea, he listened to his heart and lived life on his terms, finding wisdom along the way that we can all benefit from. You can learn more about George at his website

If you know of someone that would be a great guest on this series, please reach out to me at or go to my website to see what I am creating!

Solo Guitarist Scott Ouellette

Scott Ouellette is a self-taught classical/solo guitarist living on the east coast of the United States. Scott first began playing the guitar at age 7, mostly strumming chords to Fleetwood Mac, Jim Croce and the Eagles. He soon discovered the sounds of Andres Segovia, Christopher Parkening and Konrad Ragossnig. Not having a teacher available, he used the recordings of classical guitarists as his guide, and taught himself how to read music during the process. By the age of 16, Scott had already graced the stage of The Palladium in New York, performed on television, and was performing professionally. After graduating high school, Scott was accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts where he studied guitar performance and theory. Scott would spend the next twenty years developing his compositional skills, creating teaching methods for beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar students, as well as building his online presence through the internet. Scott currently composes modern solo guitar music for nylon string guitar. He also arranges popular music for solo guitar as well, and creates videos for YouTube. His original music has been recorded by guitarists in many parts of the world. He can be found performing in local concert halls and smaller, more intimate venues. Learn more about him at his links:,,

Music in this episode, “Cullare la Tempesta” and “Taj” composed and performed live in the Fast Twitch Media studio by Scott Ouellette.

If you know of someone that would be a great guest on this series, please reach out to me, Dan Thibeault at or go to my website to see what I am creating!

Trailer- 15 Minutes of . . .

Hey everybody, I’m Dan Thibeault and this is my new monthly podcast series, 15 Minutes Of. I believe the world is a great place, with good people, doing awesome things. I am also very interested in the people I meet. I have crossed paths with so many that are living such interesting lives, and I want to share their stories. These are everyday people, but with uncommon vocations and work lives. People such as makers, artists, educators, land-workers and other creators that love what they do and make an impact on those around them. I hope to learn things about life and my own creativity from these people and I bet you will too. Full disclaimer, some episodes may be a bit longer than 15 minutes. So I’ll let you decide if I have mis-titled the show or if it’s a nod to Andy Warhol infamous quote. Come on along with me and let’s away from the noise, the drama and the bad news. It’s time to be are uplifted instead. This is 15 Minutes Of . . . To learn more about me or suggest someone for me to interview, click here: